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We're an independent, fully integrated communications agency, based in Melbourne.

Unique positioning

Working with corporate brands since 1990, HARDWIRE are experts in driving and nurturing engagement, most notably in marketplaces where apathy and complexity reign.

HARDWIRE's core offering includes strategy, technology and design services.

Specialists in low-engagement

We understand no-one likes to believe their product or service is ‘low engagement’, but low engagement doesn’t mean low relevance or low importance. It’s just about acknowledging that customers or prospects will only think about you when they need to.

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WTF is low engagement?

Well, low engagement categories are those whose customers have limited contact and minimal exposure with a brand, even if they’ve been with their provider for a number of years. Think superannuation, insurance and utilities.

Working methodology

Because we specialise in low engagement categories and work with technical and financial content, we know a thing or two about the benefits of simplifying complexity.

So, when it comes to our own working methodologies, we save the jargon and simply break it down into three key facets:

Think Test Do


Relevant Disruption

A ‘Relevant Disruption’ is a welcomed interruption, because it serves to add to the consumers online experience in real time. Relevant Disruption works by contextually aligning our (advertising) messages to the online environment being consumed (i.e. one of five possible category verticals being Discovery, Services, Shopping, Entertainment, Social activity).

What we don’t do is just identify a consumer category and push for click-through. Instead, we take intelligent creative ideas and make smart media placements with a focus on encouraging extended website visitations – designed to add to the consumer experience and encourage them to interact – not just briefly distract them.

Relevant Disruption is a continuous improvement methodology, designed to achieve deeper customer engagement at each touch point, challenge lazy programmatic ad buying (media) and deliver more effective marketing spends.

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Test & Learn

To find out what really works and to continuously improve your return on investment, we adopt a test and learn methodology.

It’s an approach that’s so hot right now, but with our heritage steeped in direct marketing, it’s one we’ve been practicing for decades.

If you’re not testing, you’ll never know if the results you’ve achieved could have been even better. What we do is develop hypothesis, experiment, measure, and then experiment and measure again, to uncover the right approach for our clients and their customers.

What we don’t do is rely on mainstream generalisations or what worked for someone else.

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Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results - Albert Einstein.


Process & Structure

There is constant demand for greater efficiency and flexibility in resource and time management. Consequently, we’re regularly evolving our processes and team structures – including working in agile pods.

Agile pods are small teams, responsible for delivery on a single brief. Each pod includes varying levels of management, development expertise and creative talent.

We’ve found this organisational system better exploits the full potential of our people and our contractors, by leveraging each individual’s expertise and specialisation to deliver better outcomes.

Our senior team headhunts, formulates and connects each pod, to deliver an ever-changing, handpicked team of experts who are best suited to deliver the task at hand.

Each pod is self-organising and works with minimum supervision, creating a higher sense of ownership and efficiency.

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Core competency

Right now, what we do more than anything else (and what we’re darn good at) is developing campaigns which drive maximum traffic.

Creating effective brand and tactical campaigns is what we’ve been doing for over 25 years. And it’s this data-driven marketing heritage that still has us:

  • Innately focussed on delivering targeted and tailored messaging – right message, right person, right time.
  • Favouring effectiveness over creative for creative sake – to deliver commercially-driven solutions which deliver maximum ROI
  • Replacing uncertainty with proven results by purposely building in ‘test and learn’ opportunities into everything we create.

So, Whether you need brand or tactical campaigns, display advertising or data triggered marketing - if the goal is to start a deeper conversation, that’s precisely what we do best.

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Specialising in low engagement categories has us well versed and accustomed to working with protracted stakeholder management. Unscheduled change requests and last minute scope deviations are the things we take in our stride.





Managemen Team

John Kilgour

Managing Director

As Managing Director of HARDWIRE, John’s the one man who has seen the business go from strength to strength since starting it in 1990. John’s successful management and business acumen has resulted in the group being in business for over 25 years.


Andy Harrison

Head of Art & Design

Andy came to HARDWIRE in 2000 with broad advertising experience, having worked as an Art Director in some of Australia’s best agencies. And he’s no stranger to winning. On his mantelpiece you’ll find ADMAs, ECHOs, MADCs and Golden Stylus awards.


Brandon Clark

General Manager / Strategy

With over 15 years spent working with brands in low engagement categories, Brandon has a keen interest and flair for developing marketing strategies to engage disengaged customers/members/partners, leading to greater retention and acquisition results.


Ian Ross

Head of Digital

A digital leader with over 15 years experience, Ian provides digital leadership to the agency through constant innovation and quality improvement. With a background in TV & radio, he was among the first cohort of individuals to make the transition from traditional media to digital.


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